French Kiss

I really wanna take on someone.. anyone up for it?

Max is becoming a pain in mommys bum!! I still love you baby!

And max is teething…. 



Hey guys! 

My dress today! 

Morning or Afternoon whatever you wanna call it.


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Maryse just got herself a bowl of ground beef she made for her noodles and answered the door smiling and hugging Eve “It has been!! need to stop being so busy!!” she laughed and opened the door letting her friend in as she walked back to the kitchen to finish cooking “Can…

Maryse smiled and listened to Max coo at the fact eve just gave him a toy to play with. “He’s about 4 5 months, they grow fast, to bad I haven’t seen punk” Maryse’s head looked down at the food she was making for the two of them as she walked out to Eve and handed her the bowl of spaghetti as she smiled “thought I make us something to eat” she looked down at Max and smiled picking him up holding him close and looked at the toy eve brought him “aw its lovely!! And he loves it!” Maryse put the toy and Max down and ate her food.